YDD was established in 2000 as part of the Orient House and Arab Studies Society in an initiative to support youth and their institutions in Jerusalem. YDD works as an umbrella organization providing support to approximately 75 established youth groups throughout the Jerusalem Governorate. Since 2000, YDD has provided youth organizations in Jerusalem with capacity building training and a wide variety of projects for youth such as a drug rehabilitation program, a vocational training program, and a successful Career Resource Center pilot project.



Qualified, active, and participant youth in the community development and proud of their national identity.



Working to empower and develop the capacity and skills of the young Palestinian specially the Jerusalemite one and their families and youth organizations working with them to improve their lives according to their needs and the national plan for the youth in the highest level of quality.



General Objectives and Goals:

1. Empowering and developing the capacity and skills of the youth and their families.

2. Development and capacity building of grassroots youth organizations.

3. Investment in the development of the institutional structure of the Department.