Old City Youth Association was established in 1990, as a cultural, social, artistic and sport association providing its services to a large sector of Jerusalem citizens in general and the citizens of the Old City in particular, specially the youth, women and children. The Association provides various cultural, educational, social and recreational services for this important fragment of the Palestinian society, as a continuous attempt by the Association to overcome the different social diseases (ignorance, drugs, leakage from school). The Association seeks to develop the Palestinian society and its various fragments and help them in building their institutions and overcome the social and educational and other difficulties within the limited and simple potentialities of the Association.



1. To raise the awareness of the Palestinian youth in Jerusalem District, especially the Old City; to develop their cultural, sport, social, and professional capacities and skills; to highlight their role in building the institution of the civil society; and to encourage them on practicing that role.


2.To develop the skills of the Jerusalemite woman in the Old City and to achieve the principle of equivalents opportunities in order to grant the woman the opportunity for developing her skills and capacities and solving the problems and difficulties which she faces.


3.To create the spirit of creativity and giving of the youth sector targeted by the Association in all fields that led to develop the youth by adopting the scientific methodology as a method and practice.


4.To develop the relationship with local, Arab, international and foreign NGO’s, societies and youth centers with common objectives so as to explore the cultures, habits, conventions and problems of youth, through youth exchange programs to qualify and develop the youth sector in the Old City.


5.To provide financial fixed resources for the Association through submitting small projects conforming with the policy and objectives of the Association and continuously develop them.


6.To provide guidance and awareness on democracy and human rights, especially for women and children, and the legal and civil rights of the citizens; and to raise up the awareness of the citizens on social diseases and problems such as drugs, violence, leakage from schools, delinquency….etc.