Throughout his life Faisial Husseini was committed to social justice and the empowerment of the Palestinian people, particularly in East Jerusalem. In order to preserve the history of Jerusalem, revitalize its present and ensure its future, Faisal Husseini dedicated his life to the education of youth, the health of individual and the well-being of society as a whole.


Although his physical absence has created a vacuum in Jerusalem, his spirit and ideology must not be forgotten.In his memory, the Faisal Husseini Foundation (FHF) has been established to serve Jerusalem, its residents, and its institutions and ensure their continued survival and prosperity



The Faisal Husseini Foundation aims to preserve the cultural character of the city of Jerusalem, maintain the Palestinian identity of its residents and develop the services of its institutions.

Our foundation through its various projects as well as its full-hearted commitment supports East Jerusalem's Palestinian institutions which provide services in health care, education and youth.



- To preserve the Palestinian national identity in East Jerusalem and maintain its Palestinian cultural character

- To encourage unity and cooperation within East Jerusalem and help initiate projects that promote social welfare.

- To support community development initiatives in East Jerusalem and help alleviate societal difficulties

- To document and publicize the political ideology, struggle and spirit of Faisal Abdul Qader Husseini