The Afro- Jerusalemite Society, AFS, is a Palestinian non-governmental non-profit society founded by the Afro-Palestinian community in Jerusalem in 1983. It is an offshoot of the Sudanese Welfare Club which was active between 1935 and 1967, the year when Israel occupied Jerusalem. It is also a revival of the African Youth Club, established in 1978 but forced to close in the mid -eighties due to financial difficulties.


Mission Statement:


The ACS aims to promote development in Jerusalem’s Old City by empowering and rehabilitating children, youth and women to improve their quality of life based on a study of their ongoing needs.


General objectives:

1. To promot Palestinian culture at Jerusalem .

2. To build and strengthen the network of relationships with local and international institutions.

3. To empower and rehabilitate the target groups.

4. To invest in institution-building.



1. Al Nuweida Al Maqdessieh - Psycho - social intervention.

2. Youth Development.

3. Musical and theatre Band.



To build a network with local and international institutions.