An acrobat and a juggler make and break their cards.

Movers of the absurd, storekeepers of the useless. they come from nowhere and live in a cardboard box; nomadic and universal object of our time for single use.

Inbox is a domestic illustration of the myth of Sisyphus, where two types in raincoats play cardboard, always on the verge of disaster ...

It is a universe of balance and imbalance that gives life to the most ordinary object. Because in all "ordinary" there is beauty and poetry if the approach is humble and the look sweet.

So here they are, the little one dressed too big and the big one dressed too small. One and the other, together in high risk.

They come face to face, and open a world.
Watch with them at the common balance.
Be careful with the pile of cardboard.
Free admission

Saturday, February 10 at 6 PM - 7 PM

At the Palestinain National Theatre