African Community in Jerusalem 10/02/2016

The African community in Jerusalem counts approximately 350 people. To truly understand what brought Africans to Jerusalem and the Middle East, one must recognize the role of Islam in Africa. The expansion of an Islamic empire in Africa started in the 7th century when Arabs started arriving in...

Plan Your Jerusalem Travel Trip 09/02/2016

Jerusalem is the largest city in the Middle East and one of world’s oldest cities. It holds the honor of being a holy city for three religions – Judaism, Islam and Christianity. However, apart from its religious significance, Jerusalem is famous for its colorful nightlife, historic...

Things you should know before Visiting Jerusalem 29/11/2015

Popular as a Holy city and with lot of traditions and beliefs, Jerusalem is a must visit place for anyone who loves to travel around the world. It can be a pilgrimage for some religions as Jerusalem is one of the most sacred cities in the world. With so many attractions to see in Jerusalem, the...