The Magical Arches of the Eastern Colonnade

The Magical Arches of the Eastern Colonnade

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The Eastern Colonnade:

Whatever the conditions are, visitors to the walled Holy City of Jerusalem will find much to explore, be it architecture, religious institutions, markets, domed buildings, minarets, museums and churches, alongside the renowned sites of the city Wall, the oriental Suqs and bazaars, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and al-Aqsa Mosque with the landmark Dome of the Rock.


The Eastern Colonnade is several meters east to a series of arches found in the center of the eastern wall of the Dome of the Rock. There are eight colonnades around the Dome of the Rock platform: one on the eastern side, two in the southern wall, three in the western wall and two in the northern wall. These colonnades serve as transient areas between the level of the Dome of the Rock and the level of the Friday Prayer Mosque. The colonnades signify balance and these arcades appear like the two halves of a scale that may be used to judge people’s actions on Judgment Day, which some people believe will occur in Jerusalem.


The Eastern Colonnade is not dated, but is most likely from the 11th century AD / 4th century H. Architecturally, the Eastern Colonnade comprises a series of five arches supported by four columns in the middle and one pier on each side.

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