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About Enjoy Jerusalem

Enjoy Jerusalem

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What is “Enjoy Jerusalem”?

"Enjoy Jerusalem" is an official website for Jerusalem city that serves international and local visitors and forms an online venue for tourism and cultural sectors in Jerusalem. It provides you information about the various touristic sites and attractions in the city, and includes several means of planning trips to Jerusalem as individuals or groups. The website also contains vast range of information about concerts, art exhibits and different kinds of events held in the city, in addition to attractions and places of interest.


What services does “Enjoy Jerusalem” Website offer?

- Interactive map: the portal contains an interactive map which helps the visitor to discover the Jerusalem city or follow recommended paths and trails with many photos and information.

- History of Jerusalem: 12 Stations of the city's history.

- Paths and Trails: 10 paths and trails to visit and explore the holy land city.

- Where to stay: Whatever your budget, find and book accommodation in the Jerusalem city.

- Where to Eat: Your essential guide to eating in the city

- What's On: Find information about all the upcoming events in Jerusalem, you can easily fill your calendar with free events, museum visits or family outings.

- City Attractions: Discover unique sights & attractions in the Holy Land city.

- Information about: renting a car, reserving tour guides or/ and contacting tour operators.

- Meet the People in the Jerusalem City.

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